Mothers at Midnight (formerly Therapeía)

Ep 52 Motherhood Facing & Finding Yourself ~ with Lisa Marchiano

June 26, 2023 Indigo Melrose & Rose Harvey Season 5 Episode 52
Mothers at Midnight (formerly Therapeía)
Ep 52 Motherhood Facing & Finding Yourself ~ with Lisa Marchiano
Show Notes

Join us as we explore the journey of initiation that is motherhood with Lisa Marchiano. Lisa is a clinical social worker, a certified Jungian analyst, and a nationally certified psychoanalyst. She also co-hosts This Jungian Life, (one of our favourite podcasts) and is the author of Motherhood: Facing and Finding Yourself

We have been exploring this wonderful book as part of our Mothers at Midnight Book Club and we are delighted to share our in-depth conversation with the author herself. Together we explore the descent process that is part of the journey of initiation motherhood takes us on. In particular, we focus on the experience of meeting and facing our anger. Lisa’s compassion, authenticity and wisdom allowed us to explore this difficult territory with love and care. We hope you gain as much from this conversation as we did.

We chat about:

  • How Lisa’s book arose out of her own experience of facing the challenges of motherhood (2:00)
  • How motherhood is a journey of feminine initiation involving a process of descent (3:00)
  • Anger in motherhood and its relationship to the descent process (8:30)
  • The one thing that has helped Lisa and her clients navigate anger (11:00)
  • The relationship between our expectations and anger (13:00)
  • Why we need to become conscious of the shadow qualities of extreme rage and anger within ourselves  (14:50)
  • Opening to the idea that “everything belongs” in our experience of motherhood  (24:00)
  • The importance of authenticity and learning to accept and see the value of anger (27:50)
  • The importance of being open hearted when relating to our children and how to navigate the experience of “blocked care” (34:00)
  • The relationship between motherhood and creativity (37:00)

… and so much more!



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